Monday, July 4, 2011

Another update on the 82!

New air filter element and brake pedal installed for good..note the stainless steel carb support bracket I whipped up to keep that baby solid, I know some people like the backing plate to the bottom of the front rocker box but I don't ever seem to have any luck with that mounting point so I kinda stick with what I know will work..

Primary side finished!!! I know it doesn't look like much but what you see in this pic was ALOT OF FUCKIN WORK!!!!! First finding the correct parts, once again THANKS to Rickey Lewis (Rick's Cycle Parts), then the damn hole in the inner primary had to be filed out a bit for the shifter shaft tube to fit thru as well as the inspection cover plate hole on top of all the cleaning I had to do just to be able to work on the damn thing!!! Some people say I take too long on certain things but I believe attention to even the smallest details pays off in the long run or out on the road. I would rather do all of this stuff right the first time instead of doing it multiple times..fuck am I sounding like an adult or what??? BTW I absolutely LOVE my Knucklehead!!! Roadside Marty


  1. Once a crewchief always a crewchief! Better to do it now while it's apart then to find out it's leaking once you're on the road to someplace.

  2. Right on Brother Jeff!!! I should've took a pic of my safety wire job on the inner primary would have brought a smile to your face and a tear to your eye how good it came out LOL!!!!