Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pat's 51 Panhead!

I met Pat thru another couple of great friends of mine, Scott and Yvette Tudury, and he's a solid brother, his taste in bikes had alot ot be desired when I first met him (Street Glide with neon lights..enough said) but after constant harassment from yours truly I think he began to see the light because he surprised me with this sweet Pan not too long ago so there's hope for him yet!!! Now all we gotta do is get rid of whatever frame that is for a nice H-D rigid or a stock dimension Paughco and that baby will really get the juices pumpin!!! Great bike brother, can't wait to put down some miles with you soon..Roadside


  1. Thanks for the great words Brother! But the 'MeanGlide I did in '07 NEVER HAD NEON ON IT!! ;). NEVER will that happen!!
    Love you Brother!!
    And if you an extra frame sent it my way!!

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me to APOLOGIZE to Pat for my incorrect comment about neon on his ride..I was in party mode at the wedding reception and for some reason I remember neon but fuck it I can I make it up to you brother LOL!!!

  3. You did Good Bro!! I understand you was occupied with that big dark haired Cajun Queen!! LOL