Friday, July 22, 2011

Ch Ch Changes!!!!!

Once again that sweet snoot cover from none other than Kevin TEACH Baas!!!!!

8 inch Z Bars from brother Jeremy..these were on for a test fit so I haven't had a chance yet to shorten the cables, after puttin some miles on them I think I'm gonna leave them on there..any comments,insults or otherwise I wanna hear them people!!!!!

Everytime I look at this bike I love it more and more..Knuckleheads have a way of making you crazy while still maintaing somewhat of a normal outside appearance to most people! Other than shortening the cables and installing a kickass custom side saddlebag from Curt Green of the ECBM (pics soon to come) and installing a steel breather gear to cure the excessive chain oiling..she's done!! Wait a minute..still gotta swap that carb for the chrome body Linkert and I have just enough pieces to put together a 33mm narrow K model front end that I keep seeing on there in my dreams (nightmares,actually)..FUCK ME...WILL IT EVER END????????? Roadside Marty


  1. ya know i dig the z barz! for those of u readin this who have neve met martys dad shelton, your missin out! what a great man. such a wealth of history and knowledge,a great man in general, and it has rubbed of on marty! another great man great freind all around good person! im blessed to be able to call him my freind! it amazes me never is he tired of talkin bikes , he digs me up parts delivers them for me in middle of the night so i can turn wrenches when i get off work and hes going to work .just proud as hell were freinds . even though we live in same town and never seems like we get to ride together! i love the bikes and the life and the turnin wrenches. but some times we forget these 2 wheeled beasts we live for are made 2 ride! and i have a good time riding with roadside! i miss the ride bro! havin 5 or 6 bikes is great but what good are they if we cant make time to ride!

  2. Don't change the front end! Those narrowed trees with the tins look gorgeous.

  3. hey dooood! what did you do with that front end,still got it? holler if you want to get rid of it.