Monday, July 18, 2011

X-MAS in July!!!!

Got an awesome gift in the mail today from an awesome guy....TEACH!!!!!!!

Big Love to you as well my brother..that's just too fuckin cool!!!!

I just love the fuckin lines on this thing! I have always dug the look of the original Roth snoot but they are pretty hard to find at times and while there was nothing wrong with that bitchin CCE bird deflector I just wanted a little bit more covering the carb so I started to ask around about a Roth and after the second text message Teach sends me a pic and asks is this what your looking for?? I told him that was EXACTLY what I was looking for and he said it's not a Roth but it's just as badass so give me your address because I'm boxing it up right now..I just gotta ask..HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT?????? I'm so lucky to have brothers like Teach who still know what the meaning of true Brotherhood is all about!!!!

Nice shot of "Adele" with her new gift..hey Teach I'm gonna need for you to take this baby for a spin in Sturgis so you can tell me if I got everything on it right LOL!!!! Can't wait to see everybody in a few weeks,,Roadside Marty


  1. Oh ya and HELL YA I'll take it for a spin! Looks great on there man, cant wait to see you and the bike in Sturgis!

  2. You got it brother!! It's the least I can do after my gift and as many times as you let me take Elvis for a spin not too mention I know how much you love H-D's produced between 1936 to 1947 LOL!!!!