Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well worth it!!

Well the 82 is in the process of getting mid controls (like all Fixxers are supposed to have, right J-Rod LOL) and to be quite honest it's been a pain in the ass!!! First off I don't think the damn thing was EVER serviced by any of it's previous "owners" and second finding the correct parts for early R's are a real fuckin bitch let me tell you!!! I can't thank Rickey Lewis of Rick's Cycle Parts enough for all of his help with parts and knowledge and his kindness in getting me the parts I needed ASAP!!! I called Rickey up and asked if he had what I was looking for and while in the middle of getting ready for the Smokeout he gathered them up and shipped them to me, I know he would laugh at me but Rickey is the kind of guy that makes you wish there were more people like him out there!! If you need a part give him a call he just might have what you need and that DAC ringtone is kinda cool too!! His son Michael is just as good and was the winner of this year's Chop Off at the SO so tell him congrats when you see him!!!!


  1. Fuck yes, This is my favorite bike of the year, All Bid-ness! Shovel Fixxerrr? SHeeeeeet

  2. Yes Sir!! Pops is hard to beat! Get that thing done already!

  3. Excuse me Mr. Chop Off winner!!! I was busy trying to finish YOUR Knuckle for the Smokeout..I'm only ONE MAN damnit!!!!