Sunday, June 12, 2011

Live to Ride "BRO"

So the sweet 82 FXR I scored earlier this week has an Officially Licensed TM H-D Genuine Parts and Accessorie Live to Ride derby and point cover that I was gonna take off IMMEDIATELY before it even went into the shop but the more I thought about it the funnier it seemed to leave them on there for now..I know some people won't "get it" but I know alot of you will especially if your reading this blog and the Corbin gunfighter seat with the peeling snakeskin is the perfect compliment to the whole late 80's to late 90's "Customs" that so many H-D's were subjected to..if only Willie G could see me now LOL!!! Roadside


  1. haha! That's fucking awesome. Don't keep 'em on for now. Keep 'em on for good!

  2. Friends don't let friends wear "live to ride " stuff!!! ;-)

  3. I am with Michael,Period correct is ruler.