Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can see clearly now!!!

Thanks to Matt Olsen and his dad Carl for their kickass oil tank sight gauge, I can see now if I have oil or not LOL!!! This is an awesome piece of work that they put alot of time and money into R and D to get it right..be sure to pick one up for your ride, you can check them out at Carl's Cycle Supply and while your at it check out Matt's blog he puts up some real interesting posts!!!

Here's a shot of where I'm at so far..THANKS to Warren Jr. for that original CCE bird deflector and to Big Paul from Bare Knuckle Choppers for that M 35 Linkert..I'm one lucky muthafucka to have the brothers and friends that I have!!! And Jeff try not to give me too much grief over that frame paint job LOL!!!!


  1. I'll wait to see the final look before I blast you or not ;-) Knowing you it'll end up looking kick ass and only slightly like a fucking poser

  2. Well ya see you wouldn't need that sight glass if you didn't have that crappy old motor! Tell ya what I have this nice new evo I will swap you for it, Hell I might even give ya a few extra buxs ta boot....

  3. Thanks Jeff, I'm sure your gonna dig it brother and Dale I value your friendship too much to trade you that crappy old motor for a new Evo, I mean c'mon I still want to be able to see and talk to you at the parties brother LOL!!!!