Monday, June 6, 2011

Give me a brake!!!!

Aluminum block provided by LiL Chopper before modification...

and after modification before the final welding..looks and works great!!!! BTW, that's a Shovelhead clutch cable turned upside down with the adjuster threaded into the mount..let me know what you guys think!!


  1. Thanks Sal, that means something coming from you brother!!!

  2. Looking good, Marty. I've got a right side drive setup and a Sporty front drum sitting under my bench right now for the same thing.

  3. Hey J-Rod is that the front end you were telling me about at BMR?? Saw your Shovel in Outlaw Biker and I just gotta say I fucking love that thing more and more every time I see it..can't wait to see you crazy fuckers again soon!!!!

  4. I mean right side DRUM...

    And there's no telling what kind of motorcycle shit I was telling you about. I tend to ramble on about's kinda like opening a pressure valve. I get to alleviate the pressure of everything going on inside my head occasionally, so I can bore your ears off.

    And thanks man...that means a lot to me. A lot of people don't realize that it was the Buford Shovel in those Horse articles last year...I guess cuz Jason and I never wrote the final installment.