Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My sincere apologies Ladies and Gentlemen..

A big THANK YOU to Papa Clutch himself..Mr. Tim Andig for hooking yours truly up with this sweet tranny that's actually correct for my year Knuckle and to Dan Kramer for that bitchin kicker pedal ( don't you say a fuckin word Alvarez LOL)..that oil tank with the Dago Choppers sticker was on my first chopper and it wanted to be back on the road so off the shelf it came!!! BTW stock rigid oil lines are a MUTHAFUCKER on anything other than stock pipes!!!
Fuckin camera operator..this shot is supposed to show the original Sprint sticker..Made in Italy by Aermachi Harley Davidson..I had to leave it on there it's too fuckin cool to take off!!!

Exhaust side..I just wasn't digging the upsweeps so they are on the way to their new home on Bacon's Knuckle, this shot gives me goosebumps!!! The Roadside Dive Bars that Big Paul from BKC bent for me look so "right" on this bike!!

Primary side..gotta love that Sprint rear fender!!

for my poor lack of posting since Daytona but the masses have spoken from the Dixie Roundup to the BMR...START POSTING SHIT AGAIN!!!!! Well I took the plunge and bought a shitty Nikon from Best Buy and and I'm still trying to figure this fucking thing out so deal with my ignorance!! If any ladies would like to give me some camera and photo advice please do so naked!!! First update..46 Knuckle project, this baby is so close to firing up I feel like an expectant father! No bike before has gotten me this excited, do yourself and your loved ones a favor if you don't own a Knucklehead already...STAY AWAY FROM THEM, THEY WILL CONSUME YOUR LIFE, GENUINE OEM KNUCKLE PARTS WILL BE YOUR ONLY FOCUS AND THEN YOU WILL BE CURSED LIKE THE REST OF US KNUCK OWNERS!!!! You have been warned..


  1. I will give ya some nude camera instructions but you are gonna have to come to my party first.

  2. Fukin rules Marty. If only i could have helped you with parts like you did me. I'm a turd. Your my hero.

  3. Holy Crap He IS still alive! The bike is looking bad ass, just like I expected it to. ;-)

  4. Thanks everybody..ESPECIALLY you Miss Awesome Autumn!!!!