Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haints trophy girl????

This beautiful critter was excited about going to the Dixie Roundup and being a trophy girl for the Haints until she got a promotion to "head" waitress at the Waffle House in Opp, Alabama...oh well there's always next year!!!!!


  1. Where the hell did you get a pic of my prom date from 20 years ago????? I hope she's doing OK now. She was the purtiest girl in class and I just KNEW she was gonna go on and get famous.

  2. that mullet rocks, I can see how she beat out the other girls hands down! A lovely southern belle!

  3. The truth is Jack, once she heard that you weren't gonna be at the Dixie Roundup she told me that the handjob out back by the dumpster and the grease trap wasn't gonna happen since she wasn't going to get to meet any celebrity' you fuckin owe me one brother!!!