Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's a tech tip for ya..

While I was out in Sturgis this past year I walked up on a FXDX like mine that belonged to a HAMC member out of Las Vegas and I got to talking with him about the H-D Brembro setup he had on the earlier 39mm front end and he told me that they bolted right up with no mods so when I got home I hit EGay and found some takeoff calipers and after a quick trip to Pensacola H-D's take off parts bin I had a front master cylinder and a takeoff brake line that bolted on with no problems the ONLY difference in mounting these calipers is that they use 2 SHORT bolts in stead of 1 long and 1 short like the earlier 4 piston ones do..once again another modification of a stock part by people that really ride..I'm glad that some H-D parts are still as interchangeable as ever..I do have to add that every "factory" person I talked with said that it wouldn't work..go figure!!!!
You do have to use a 2008 and up master cylinder, don't ask me why but that's one point every tech I mentioned it too strongly there you have it a "bolt on" tech tip that will give you a helluva difference in braking, trust me on this one..send me some feedback..Roadside


  1. Fuck yes! so what year are your legs & the calipers?

  2. Hey T1 sorry I didn't specify that in my post..the legs are any 00-06 39mm lower legs and the calipers are 08 and later Brembro calipers that come on the FL's and I believe they come on V Rods as well..any look on EBay and you should find all of these parts for a pretty good price..good luck and let me know how it turns out for you..Roadside

  3. Also, check the diameter of the rotors.

    Most '08 and later HD Brembo calipers are matched up to the new H-D 11 3/4" dia. rotors, not the old 11 1/2" dia. ones.

  4. Hey Rich I first want to thank you for even checking out this pitiful blog of ours with your presence and second thanks for that info..I didn't even consider that little obstacle..for the record these did slid right on..are there differences in the years or do you just lose a portion of the braking surface?? Let me know what your thoughts may be..Roadfside

  5. What the fuck, Marty...hey, I'm kinda like The Shadow, you never know where I'll be next, haha!

    As far as I know, after '08 the rotors are 11 3/4", but the width is still the same. So, they'll slide on just fine. You'l just loose a 1/4" of the swept area of the pads. You'll have to look up inside your caliper, and see how much of the pads are gripping your rotor surface.

    The only negative thing I can see (and I know it doesn't apply to you, because you're a consciencious guy about things like this), is I've had guys in here with pads in their calipers almost worn to the metal backing plates. I could potentially see(if the pads are taller than your rotors)that they could wear to a point where that 1/4" strip that isn't being worn down on the pads contacting each other, and effectively preventing the pads from contacting the 11 1/2" dia. rotor anymore. No contact, no braking force on the rotors.

    Those caliper bodies look like they're tall enough to take the 11 3/4" rotors. Just something to think about.

    Now, can you get me up on the stage sometime when you're mc'ing one of those wet Tshirt contests? I can dump cold water really well!

  6. Mr. Ryan I sincerely hope that you accept my apologies concerning your lack of participation in the H2O contests of which I'm ringleader and master of a gesture of goodwill and compassion for a man of which I have the utmost respect both personally as well as professionally I hereby crown you as the commanding officer of the stage at any show your duties include but are not limited to personally inspecting each participant's credentials and if neccesary "feel" to see if they are stock or OEM parts..I trust you will carry out these tasks in a professional manner, remeber we are all counting on you Mr. Ryan and I will be installing a takeoff set of floating rotors from an 09 Road King as a performance precaution..what I would I do without you Rich????

  7. Hey bro I think its because the earlier master cylinders put out more volume and less pressure and the mew ones put out less volume and more pressure. Hey check my blog out just got it set up thanks to Lisa Ballard at