Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's a runner!

I got the Sporty up and running again tonight after the starter took a dump in Daytona. Turns out it just neede a new one. Big thanks to Ian and Moe for being my default run-behind starters down there! With friends like that.......      .......Alvarez

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daytona pt. 2

I made new friends in Heyltje Rose and her fella Lock Baker. Two extremely nice and talented individuals. I tattooed a crawfish on Heyltje and feathers on Ashley , Cole and Autumn but only got a pic of the crawfish because the Travel channel was filming for two of the tattoos and I didn't have my camera on me when I did Autumn's. I did have the honor of putting a couple of small tattoos on Willie himself but he got out of the chair too fast for me to get any photos. Thanks to the girls and Led Sled Kevin, Boston Mike and Garage Co. Larry for giving me a break from some of the usual Bike week customers.You are all sweet hearts.
Me and Heyltje

Willie's chopper show

Well since ol' Roadside lost his camera I better take up the slack.............
Haints and other assorted hoodlums at Willie's show


Sorry I don't have any pics posted but my camera was lost for good the second time, the first time it dropped out of my saddlebag at the Limnickie Lot and was a source of amusement for the Haints and a few others..all I can say is that even I was traumatized by the photos that were on there!!! Daytona for me is always a special time because I get to see some very close friends and brothers that I really enjoy spending time with, this year was no exception. It always seems that at every event I meet more and more people that I've either heard of or they've heard of me or maybe we just crossed paths, I met quite the cast of characters this trip..Radar, Suzanne, Gabe, Bri,Morgan,Backstreet Matt,Leta,Dave,Keith Parsons,LiL Jeff and Chris from Miami,Cody and Jeremiah from Bravetown,Benji,Ryan Nolan,Jeremy,Rich and all of the New York crew who stopped to help us change a flat tire..THANKS GUYS,Dave and Dung from Rebel Son,Moe, Tommy and Ian,Rex,Leo, Steve and Kari,Billdozer and Magoo,Mark and Dianne and so many others that I don't have space to write them all down..just know that me and Jodi enjoyed meeting and seeing each and every one of you and I look forward to seeing everyone every chance I get!!! The Lot was the place to be other than Willie's and I have to say it made me feel good to see the vibes going on there, I can't thank everyone enough for coming out to Tropical Tattoo for the Chopper Show and supporting Willie and means more to us than you think!! And to Chris Callen for all of his tireless promotion of Flat Broke Customs thruout the week, Purple Haze was shot for Backstreet Heroes, Wild and Kopteri as well!! If I get some pics from other sources I will post them so keep checking..Roadside Marty

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mockin it up!!!

That's an original H-D Sprint rear fender and an original Sparto tailight on there..
Side profile, you can see the 04 Road King tubes and lowers turned out lookin ok so far..

Tommy doin his best to start a second career as a male model..PLEASE don't quit your day gig brother!!!
This is all you get of the narrowed triple trees for now muthafuckas..Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Drilled out front brake drum..let the hate mail and comments begin from the purists!!!!

Backing plate courtesy from up and coming bike building extraordinaire..Mr. Dan Carr aka BACON!!! Thanks alot buddy, we're really doin it!!!! Sorry for the short details, I gotta a ton of shit to finish for Daytona and besides I fuckin HATE check it out..Roadside Marty