Sunday, July 24, 2011

It doesn't get much better that this!!!

When I first met Justin aka Pockets he was working at SPS in Phoenix and was one of those guy's who after talking to for just a few minutes you just knew was TOTALLY into all things motorcycle whether it was a punched out FXDX Twinkie or a sixties style Pan so instantly I liked this young cat but it was when we started talking about his dream bike I knew his head was definitely in the right place..a stripped down FXRT with a 2 into 1 is my kinda dream bike as well!! Congrats brother and can I please take it for a spin the next time I'm in AZ LOL!!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pat's 51 Panhead!

I met Pat thru another couple of great friends of mine, Scott and Yvette Tudury, and he's a solid brother, his taste in bikes had alot ot be desired when I first met him (Street Glide with neon lights..enough said) but after constant harassment from yours truly I think he began to see the light because he surprised me with this sweet Pan not too long ago so there's hope for him yet!!! Now all we gotta do is get rid of whatever frame that is for a nice H-D rigid or a stock dimension Paughco and that baby will really get the juices pumpin!!! Great bike brother, can't wait to put down some miles with you soon..Roadside

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ch Ch Changes!!!!!

Once again that sweet snoot cover from none other than Kevin TEACH Baas!!!!!

8 inch Z Bars from brother Jeremy..these were on for a test fit so I haven't had a chance yet to shorten the cables, after puttin some miles on them I think I'm gonna leave them on there..any comments,insults or otherwise I wanna hear them people!!!!!

Everytime I look at this bike I love it more and more..Knuckleheads have a way of making you crazy while still maintaing somewhat of a normal outside appearance to most people! Other than shortening the cables and installing a kickass custom side saddlebag from Curt Green of the ECBM (pics soon to come) and installing a steel breather gear to cure the excessive chain oiling..she's done!! Wait a minute..still gotta swap that carb for the chrome body Linkert and I have just enough pieces to put together a 33mm narrow K model front end that I keep seeing on there in my dreams (nightmares,actually)..FUCK ME...WILL IT EVER END????????? Roadside Marty

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BSH feature pics!!

My good buddy Clink from Back Street Heroes asked if he could shoot Purple Haze for one of my favorite mags and being as he did such a kickass job on the Chick Magnet, I said FUCK YEAH DUDE!!! Clink is a regular at Willie's for the Chopper Show and has always treated me with kindness and respect, he's a class act all the way and if you haven't checked out an issue of BSH do it soon because those Brits put out some cool shit, I hope to go back to England one day soon..these will give you a taste of what's to come..Roadside

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lowbrow Customs!!!

I don't care what the fuck ANYBODY says about it..these cloth plug wires with the brass end connections just straight the fuck up kickass!!! Unless you've been living under a rock since 2004 the name Low Brow Customs should at the very least be a name you recognize not only that but when even a dipshit moron like me can put some of their products on with minimal effort or aggravation that should be a clue for you to pick up a pair or at the very least check what the guys at Lowbrow have on hand that can make your Chopper building dreams come

I got to speak with Kyle for just a short bit at The Smokeout in N.C. while Tyler was out in Cali for BF3 riding around on that bitchin Pan that he just wrapped up, that thing is fuckin sick by the way, and while I was being overloaded by all the cool shit that they had on hand especially Ava's art work and Katy's sweetness I realized that not only do they carry some of the coolest Chopper parts around they are great people as well and I'm proud to call them friends!!!!! Later Roadside Marty

Monday, July 18, 2011

X-MAS in July!!!!

Got an awesome gift in the mail today from an awesome guy....TEACH!!!!!!!

Big Love to you as well my brother..that's just too fuckin cool!!!!

I just love the fuckin lines on this thing! I have always dug the look of the original Roth snoot but they are pretty hard to find at times and while there was nothing wrong with that bitchin CCE bird deflector I just wanted a little bit more covering the carb so I started to ask around about a Roth and after the second text message Teach sends me a pic and asks is this what your looking for?? I told him that was EXACTLY what I was looking for and he said it's not a Roth but it's just as badass so give me your address because I'm boxing it up right now..I just gotta ask..HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT?????? I'm so lucky to have brothers like Teach who still know what the meaning of true Brotherhood is all about!!!!

Nice shot of "Adele" with her new gift..hey Teach I'm gonna need for you to take this baby for a spin in Sturgis so you can tell me if I got everything on it right LOL!!!! Can't wait to see everybody in a few weeks,,Roadside Marty

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Muttin Cycles in da house!!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jeremy and his beautiful wife Nicole while they were down here on the Redneck Riviera visiting family, we had a great lunch at Jerry's Drive-In and then we went by the shop and met up with my Dad who told us some great stories and jokes, the one man hurricane known as Muttin cycles was blown away to say the least and I almost had to pat him down to make sure he didn't get started on his Knuckle project early LOL!!! I don't know who had a better time..Jeremy running around the shop with my Dad and on his own exploring around or me and my Dad and Nicole just watching and listening to him keep saying how cool the shop was and how much he was glad they came by LOL!! Take notice even with my shitty photography skills the amount of sweat on us , you just gotta love that Florida was one of the best afternoons I've had in a long time, Jeremy and Nicole you two are welcome ANYTIME..ya'll are family!!! Roadside Marty

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love my life!!!

This pic was taken by one of my close brothers, Larry (El Prez) from Garage Co. Customs on some back road in either North or South Carolina while we were in route to the Smokeout this year and when I saw it I cracked a smile a mile wide because this pic made me once again realize how lucky Iam to have the friends, brothers and family that I have and the point that I'm at right now in my life, all of the bullshit hassles of everyday life that can drag you down and keep you, relationships, work, family, "friends", health and don't forget the "party favors" as well, they can all make a combination that if your not careful or alert will put you down and out if not for awhile then for good!! All of the years of hard work and scraping to get by have been worth every second to get to where Iam now and I wouldn't change anything at all..I'm not gonna try to be Dr. Phil or even Dr. Drew but I love all of you and I'm grateful that I have such awesome people in my life and I'm looking forward to making even more great memories with everyone every chance I now I'm gonna fire up that badass Knuckle of mine and go for a putt! Later gator Roadside Marty

Monday, July 11, 2011

A first for me!!!!'s what you think it is..a Hurst shifter arm being used as a brake anchor arm..I know, it was a first for me too LOL!!!!

I still can't figure out why this brake line goes UP the downtube and over the heads back down to the caliper???? Sharp eyed vultures will take note of early Panhead frame being used as a very good starting point but I guess the "party favors" took over after that because the rest of the bike is FUCKED to say the least!!! As a true motorcycle enthusiast I could not in good faith watch that frame being subjected to such atrocities so I rescued it from it's life of Hell, it's the least I could do..I know, I know I'm just too kind for this cruel world..Roadside Marty

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wiring 101

A perfect example of someone who knows nothing about building a bike trying to build a bike...

I have no idea what the fuck these are supposed to go to?????

On/Off switch or as fucked as this wiring is maybe a High/Low switch notice the generous use of multi colored zip ties as well as the coil hanging out like a dog woutside the truck window in the summertime, I'm not even gonna mention that seat..stay tuned for more pics that your gonna laugh at and scratch your head over on this "bike"..Roadside

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How fuckin cool is this????

Nice shot of that CCE bird deflector from Jr.

Overhead shot of the M35 Linkert form Big Paul at Bare Knuckle Choppers, this carb has ran excellent so far but I think I'm going to be forced to run this......

A CHROME PLATED M35 LINKERT!!!!!!!!! My Dad found this baby in his stash and has no idea who or where it came from or who may have had it chromed, either way I don't give a fuck..this thing just plain kicks ass and shows class!!!!

I'm gonna polish a float bowl and use a nickel plated fuel filter that Josh Mills gave me a few years ago that should be an awesome combo for it and it might not be too shabby in the looks department! The only thing I'm dreading is dialing that fucker in because I really hate to change something on a motorcycle especially when it's running like a swiss watch!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another update on the 82!

New air filter element and brake pedal installed for good..note the stainless steel carb support bracket I whipped up to keep that baby solid, I know some people like the backing plate to the bottom of the front rocker box but I don't ever seem to have any luck with that mounting point so I kinda stick with what I know will work..

Primary side finished!!! I know it doesn't look like much but what you see in this pic was ALOT OF FUCKIN WORK!!!!! First finding the correct parts, once again THANKS to Rickey Lewis (Rick's Cycle Parts), then the damn hole in the inner primary had to be filed out a bit for the shifter shaft tube to fit thru as well as the inspection cover plate hole on top of all the cleaning I had to do just to be able to work on the damn thing!!! Some people say I take too long on certain things but I believe attention to even the smallest details pays off in the long run or out on the road. I would rather do all of this stuff right the first time instead of doing it multiple times..fuck am I sounding like an adult or what??? BTW I absolutely LOVE my Knucklehead!!! Roadside Marty