Saturday, August 27, 2011

Porno John

I had the privilege of riding about 1600 miles beside this solid muthafucka and I would be damn proud to do it again!! As you can see by the second photo, Porno has no problem catchin some Z's whenever he feels like crashin!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Motor Maids in Sturgis!

While I was at the Jeff Decker exhibit this year I the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gloria Struck for the first time, she was walking around with Matt Olsen and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time for an introduction and right off the bat I fell in love with this incredible lady!! The first words out of her mouth to me after our introduction from Matt were.."Did you ride to Sturgis or did you trailer your bike?" When I answered that I had ridden up from Florida she smiled that beautiful smile that grabbed my heart and said "That's great to hear, now I can keep talking with you otherwise I would have to move on even though your a handsome young man!" How cool is that??? Gloria RODE her Softail from Jersey to Sturgis, she is 86 years young and has been riding for 60 years!!! I can't really explain how awesome it was to meet her!!! The other beautiful lady that I managed to trick into a photo with me needs no introduction..Athena Ransom from Vagabond Choppers who is a Motor Maid herself! I have been friends with Athena and her husband Don for quite awhile now and I'm fortunate to have them in my life, I look forward to seeing and hanging out with them every chance I can! I think these two women have no idea how truly inspiring they are not just to me but to everyone who rides a motorcycle today..Roadside Marty

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ryan's Indian!!!

I've known Ryan for a few years now and one thing about this brother is that he has one of the coolest Indian Chief's that I've ever seen!!! This bike has always looked somewhat familiar to me but I could never quite put my finger on it until me and Ryan were just standing around talking about bikes in general when he told me that he had bought this bike from a company that bought movie props after the films were done and that this bike was the one ridden by Comanche (Eric Balfour) in the movie Hell Ride!!! Well FUCK ME!!! That's the reason this bike looked so damn familiar, after that revelation I told Ryan that I HAD TO RIDE IT and he just laughed and said "No problem Roadside" like it was no big deal to him!! It was a bitch trying to get the pattern down of the throttle on the left with the advance on the right and the rocker clutch releasing the opposite of how a Harley one works but it was still a fuckin hoot to ride! I can't thank Ryan enough for letting me take this bike for a spin and for just being a righteous brother on top of it all!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dick Allen springer!!!

Absolute perfection and beauty!!!

Whenever I'm in Sturgis I always seem to have a full schedule of things,people or places that I either need to be at or should be at but I have to say one of the highlights of any of my Sturgis trips is on Thursday when the Sons of Silence MC have their annual bike games at their campground, Sons of Silence Boar has been a good friend for a few years and has invited me to come out everytime that I'm in Sturgis and this year I brought Milwaukee Mike with me and he enjoyed himself almost as much as I did! It's kind of a running joke between Boar and myself that everytime we talk I always hit him up to help me find rare chopper parts from back when that stuff was new, well this year he told that he wanted to introduce me to Sons of Silence Evan who had a Dick Allen springer that I might like to take a look at..well that was an understatement because after our introductions Evan was gracious enough to show me and Mike the frame that Oil in LA. made for this unbelievable springer as well as telling us what he had in mind for the whole build..Boar,who happened to know Dick Allen personally by the way, verified that this was a real Dick Allen built springer from when he used stock H-D springers before he started to use Chrom moly tubing for his later creations which only made me want the damn thing even more!! I just had to share these pics with everyone because I have never seen anything like that in the way Evan has said as soon as he starts mocking things up he may give us a few sneak peeks at it or he may torture us and wait till the whole thing is finished before he shares it with us..either way I can't wait to see it done!!!! I would like to personally thank Boar and the entire Sons of Silence MC Nation for having us as guest's that was an absolute blast!!!! Roadside Marty

Friday, August 19, 2011

Colorado Mick and Asian Dan

Remember when I said you meet some of the coolest people out on the road? Let me introduce you to Asian Dan and Colorado Mick who both happen to be out of you guessed it..Colorado!! I saw these two cats livin the dream and takin in the scene more than once around Sturgis and the outlying areas while I was there and I was fortunate to be able to chew the fat with them for a bit and they were about as real as it gets, these guy's reassured me that there are still young guy's out there that dig motorcycles and the people that ride them!! Instead of trying to impress people with other things these guy's just set an example by being themselves and I'm damn glad I got to meet them both!!!

They even had a great sense of humor when I told that if they wanted to really know what it was like at one time in the world of motorcycling they had to get against the wall and act like they were getting hassled by the Man, for some reason I got the feeling that maybe they had done that before LOL!!!

Check out their fuckin bikes!!!! Mick's beautiful full dresser and Dan's wicked Sporty chop..two cool muthafuckas on two cool bikes..note that Mick has an official "Who the fuck is Roadside Marty" sticker proudly displayed on his tour pack (hope he didn't peel it off when he got out of sight LOL) and Dan doing his best Capt. America impression..great meeting you two brothers and I will see ya out on the road again..Roadside Marty

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The one..the only..Mr. Wes"I can" Hackett!!!!

At The Horse Backstreet Choppers show me and Sara Liberte were filming some Rally TV spots and Wes and Darren were busy having a blast making fun of us and whoever we happened to be interviewing at that moment whether it was Wes doing Ninja rolls in front of the camera or Darren making faces at me while I was trying to talk these two fuckers had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!!!!

In the bike parking section for the Jeff Decker show at the Chip we happened to see this "thing" dazzling in the beautiful South Dakota sunset and we were all taken aback by it's beauty (sheer stupidity) so much that Wes had to have his pic taken with it so it could be recorded for historical purposes, note Wes also has his face painted in true Death Metal style so that he may be successful in his quest that evening to permanately scar the minds of all who came to see Poison that night at the Chip,viewers of this blog maybe scarred because of Darren's ass being proudly shown behind Wes and this masterpiece of shit!! Wes was kind enough to wear a Slayer t-shirt to give the unsuspecting show goers a little bit of a heads up..who ever said the guy didn't have feelings???

This photo makes me sad because this is the moment Wes left us at the chip with wannabe cop security personnel, Street Glides with enough neon to draw a UFO and the douchebags that were riding them as well as the rest of the dipshits that seemed to be in abundance at that place! Wes is a true brother who "get's it" and is always good for a laugh or just great conversation, his take on numerous issues make you think,wonder,laugh or even question your view or opinion on whatever you may be discussing with him. He's also responsible for saying my absolute favorite quote of Sturgis this year when after a wild night of drunken mini bike tricks as well as campfire shenanigans we ran out of palletts for the burn barrell and Wes loudly states.."Let's burn the shitters, nobody can stand the stink of the fucking things and they won't service them so let's do it!!!" I busted a gut hearing that and I could just see all of us recreating the riot of the Sturgis City Park in 1980 when the bikers set fire to the shitters, Chris Callen would've probably had a heart attack right there on the spot LOL!!!! Wes, your a true brother and I look forward to many more years of partying with your crazy muthafuckin self!!! Roadside Marty

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Papa Clutch party!

Papa Tim himself on his latest acquisition..a nice Pan/Shovel that runs like a swiss watch, can't wait to see what he does with it!

Hands down one of the coolest brothers that I have ever had the honor of getting to know, Darren from Slingin Ink Tattoos! He rode down for the party with his Dad(who is one smooth operator himself by the way) and as I was getting on the Interstate from the casino they were both coming down and we met right as I was merging into traffic totally by chance!! Afterwards we both had a great laugh about it and said it had to be fate as well as a good sign that this Sturgis was gonna be one of epic proportions and it certainly was!!!

Darren and his Dad at Papa Tim's house lounging by the pool while your reporter stands there taking pics dripping water all over the place! What an incredible afternoon that was just louning in the back yard and jumping in and out of the pool! I din't get to snag any actual party pics but suffice to say it was our usual drunken antics that we seem to always partake in when we are in each other's company!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Me and the lovely Ms. Candice from Canada..those Canadians are cool as fuck!!! She came down with Brent, Ryan and the rest of the Cycleboyz crew and man were those brothers and sisters great to hang out with..I will definitely see them again soon!!!!

This pic really brings a smile to my face..Darren, Lemmy,your reporter and Waylon..this pic was taken on the Cycle Source ride and this was the first stop for gas we made, I was fortunate to meet Lemmy and Waylon in Sioux Falls S.D and that night of drunken debauchery will live on forever in the history of all things Chopper!! Those cornfield muthafuckas KNOW how to get down and party, missing from this pic is Porno John because the little fuck was sleeping..go figure!!! A more solid group of brothers you will not find I guarantee that!!!!

It's amazing to me how just one word can trigger so many emotions and flash so many memories back in a second's time but that's exactly what happens when I hear or even think of Sturgis and this year was no different! Normally it takes me about 2 and a half days to get there and about the same to get home but this time it took me 5!!!! days to get there and that was just the beginning..I've said it before but it's so true, I seem to meet more and more people everywhere I go..either they have seen my pic and or stickers or read something I may have written or said or we may know some mutual people regardless of how it happens I enjoy this part of any journey alot, that old saying of it's the journey not the destination is so's not some Hollywood line of bullshit, you just have to get out there on the road and experience it for yourself!! You meet so many people out there that it's never boring or dull..yeah you might run into some dickheads but hey let's face it they are EVERYWHERE so don't let that hold you back from living your life..I have so many pics that I will be posting as well as sharing some stories that may not be suitable for young viewers (LOL) so stay tuned and let me know what you think! These two happen to be some of my favorites so I felt they should be first..