Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still can't believe it..

After all these YEARS, one of my bikes made it on the cover of The Horse!! That's been a dream of mine ever since the mid 80's back when I first started building my first H-D (my Sporty that I posted awhile back) when Chris Pfouts was Editor and David Snow was the Assistant I fucking read and looked over those mags till the pages fell out, I couldn't get enough!!! For those of you who were fortunate enough to read some of Chris Pfouts editorials as well as the trials and tribulations with his Indian project and then thru the Snow era, those were some of the greatest articles written which in my opinion really kinda set the stage for the way things are now. I still read each issue front to back in one sitting but now I see alot of my brothers in there as well which really makes me feel good but those issues with Indian Larry (RIP) Paul Cox,English Don,Steg Von Heintz,Flynch and Fritz had an impact on me that still influences everything that I build to this day..personally I can't think of a better bike than my Knuckle for The Horse and I'm truly humbled that it's on I said..a dream come true!!! Roadside Marty

Thursday, December 15, 2011

For sale!!!

Up for sale is my 2002 Dyna T Sport with 24,ooo miles..88" motor, Brembro front brakes and a bit of powdercoating in the right places if your interested email at now let the SOA jokes begin dickheads!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Time to get back to work!!

Well I gave the 51 a good wash yesterday and now it's time to get back on making her into a nice if I and Big Josh ,who's gonna help me with the bodywork whether he knows it or not LOL, didn't have enough to do already I go and add another project to the list...let the games begin!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A visit with a true legend!!!

There's alot of history that goes along with that sign!

Your reporter, the legend himself..Ron Finch and Fab Kevin with his perfect hair!!

Ron showing us the carb for his new "bike"..

Another piece of history..

Carla looking at me trying to be a photographer..Ron's basement workshop

Yeah..that's what they are..original Finch narrow springers in different lengths, both dual spring and single spring with the "genie" shoe bottom rockers and most of the hardware in the milk crates beside the barrells..and yeah you jealous muthafuckas I talked the legend out of one for myself!!! I would like to thank Ron for taking the time to give us a guided tour of his home and his unreal collection of all things cool as well as for everything he has accomplished and done for the motorcycle truly was dream come true to hang out with him and hear stories from his past, like I said..a true legend!!!