Monday, March 5, 2012

Is there a cure???

Once again a brother has gotten to close to "Irene" and Knucklehead fever has taken hold of him,the last victim was Alan Berg but this time it was none other than the undercover lover Mr. Jay Miller aka Death Science Jay!!! Jay stopped by the shop after a wonderful brunch at Waffle House after picking up his new truck and I turned my back for just a second and when I looked back he already had his hands on the bars and was about to sit down on that Bates seat..well you can guess the rest..great seeing you brother,see you in Gaytona in a few days!!! Roadside Marty

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thanks to KCC!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Mr. Kyle Tracy to our loyal blog followers..he's been a close brother of mine for a few years now and has helped your reporter out of more than one predicament (go figure) with a good laugh and a whole lotta knowledge! He's been building a Twin Cam chopper for awhile now and he will tell you straight up that he can't wait to put it in the Chopper Time show at Willie's, I've included a pic of Kyle with the abnormality he gets when he goes out in his shop (cold beer) and a shot of just one of the trick set ups he made for this chop..yeah, it's an H-D rear master cylinder and pedal flipped over to run a hydraulic foot clutch, just think about that one for a bit and realize how much work that took!!!! He's a devoted husband and father and U.S.M.C. veteran who works hard and is one helluva standup guy..can't wait to lay down some miles beside you on that thing brother!!!!!!!