Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well worth it!!

Well the 82 is in the process of getting mid controls (like all Fixxers are supposed to have, right J-Rod LOL) and to be quite honest it's been a pain in the ass!!! First off I don't think the damn thing was EVER serviced by any of it's previous "owners" and second finding the correct parts for early R's are a real fuckin bitch let me tell you!!! I can't thank Rickey Lewis of Rick's Cycle Parts enough for all of his help with parts and knowledge and his kindness in getting me the parts I needed ASAP!!! I called Rickey up and asked if he had what I was looking for and while in the middle of getting ready for the Smokeout he gathered them up and shipped them to me, I know he would laugh at me but Rickey is the kind of guy that makes you wish there were more people like him out there!! If you need a part give him a call he just might have what you need and that DAC ringtone is kinda cool too!! His son Michael is just as good and was the winner of this year's Chop Off at the SO so tell him congrats when you see him!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I can't wait any longer!!!!

Well here she is in all her glory..I got her fired up this weekend and a few miles on her already with a few kinks getting worked out as usual..more info to come I'm just too fucking tired tonight but I just had to put up a few pics after all that hard work and help from everyone..and yeah she rides just as good as she looks!!!

That's an original CCE from no other than Mr. Warren Heir Jr himself..Warren gave me a few other items as well!! That M35 Linkert came from Big Paul at Bare Knuckle Choppers, once again saving my ass!!

Hey Rico that pedal looks and works like no other..can't thank you enough brother!!!

Gotta give props..sorry for the shitty pic!!!

Show me the love!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Live to Ride "BRO"

So the sweet 82 FXR I scored earlier this week has an Officially Licensed TM H-D Genuine Parts and Accessorie Live to Ride derby and point cover that I was gonna take off IMMEDIATELY before it even went into the shop but the more I thought about it the funnier it seemed to leave them on there for now..I know some people won't "get it" but I know alot of you will especially if your reading this blog and the Corbin gunfighter seat with the peeling snakeskin is the perfect compliment to the whole late 80's to late 90's "Customs" that so many H-D's were subjected to..if only Willie G could see me now LOL!!! Roadside

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I still can't believe it!!!!

So yesterday I get a call from a brother who has requested anonymity about this deal and he said I know you like these fuckin FXR's so come look at this 82 Shovel and make it quick, so I said well how much are we talking about and he said just get your ass over here now!!! So needless to say I'm now the proud caretaker of first year FXR that needs a little TLC but she's all there running with clean paper so what more could you ask for??? I was gonna move her because I've got alot of irons in the fire but for some reason I keep thinking about all the early FXR parts I have that I can put on there and different ideas about how I want her to look so I think she's found a permanent home for now!!! And Ed now we're even LOL!!!!

Takin shape!!!!

Got the front end on for good last night along with the front brake cable and throttle cable, still got to make a bracket for the cable to fasten to the lever but no worries there just need to do it!!

Mounted the P-Pad as well and the oil lines are on for good now, tonight more wiring and putting on the inner primary and belt drive!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Showin some class!!!

BDAC!!!!! If you don't know these brothers then your truly missing out..thanks Timebomb, J-Rod and Waylon, hope you like where I put the sticker on the Knuckle!!!

It's gettin there, front end goes on tonight along with more wiring!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can see clearly now!!!

Thanks to Matt Olsen and his dad Carl for their kickass oil tank sight gauge, I can see now if I have oil or not LOL!!! This is an awesome piece of work that they put alot of time and money into R and D to get it right..be sure to pick one up for your ride, you can check them out at Carl's Cycle Supply and while your at it check out Matt's blog he puts up some real interesting posts!!!

Here's a shot of where I'm at so far..THANKS to Warren Jr. for that original CCE bird deflector and to Big Paul from Bare Knuckle Choppers for that M 35 Linkert..I'm one lucky muthafucka to have the brothers and friends that I have!!! And Jeff try not to give me too much grief over that frame paint job LOL!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Give me a brake!!!!

Aluminum block provided by LiL Chopper before modification...

and after modification before the final welding..looks and works great!!!! BTW, that's a Shovelhead clutch cable turned upside down with the adjuster threaded into the mount..let me know what you guys think!!

Key ingredients..

for a great spray can rush paint job include 2 cans of Rust Tough Primer,2 cans of Flat Black,cold beer ,coffee,laquer thinner,rags and an engine hoist helps alot..

hang the frame, wipe it down with thinner and spray away muthafuckas!!! Total cost of paint with friend discount..$23.82!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My sincere apologies Ladies and Gentlemen..

A big THANK YOU to Papa Clutch himself..Mr. Tim Andig for hooking yours truly up with this sweet tranny that's actually correct for my year Knuckle and to Dan Kramer for that bitchin kicker pedal ( don't you say a fuckin word Alvarez LOL)..that oil tank with the Dago Choppers sticker was on my first chopper and it wanted to be back on the road so off the shelf it came!!! BTW stock rigid oil lines are a MUTHAFUCKER on anything other than stock pipes!!!
Fuckin camera operator..this shot is supposed to show the original Sprint sticker..Made in Italy by Aermachi Harley Davidson..I had to leave it on there it's too fuckin cool to take off!!!

Exhaust side..I just wasn't digging the upsweeps so they are on the way to their new home on Bacon's Knuckle, this shot gives me goosebumps!!! The Roadside Dive Bars that Big Paul from BKC bent for me look so "right" on this bike!!

Primary side..gotta love that Sprint rear fender!!

for my poor lack of posting since Daytona but the masses have spoken from the Dixie Roundup to the BMR...START POSTING SHIT AGAIN!!!!! Well I took the plunge and bought a shitty Nikon from Best Buy and and I'm still trying to figure this fucking thing out so deal with my ignorance!! If any ladies would like to give me some camera and photo advice please do so naked!!! First update..46 Knuckle project, this baby is so close to firing up I feel like an expectant father! No bike before has gotten me this excited, do yourself and your loved ones a favor if you don't own a Knucklehead already...STAY AWAY FROM THEM, THEY WILL CONSUME YOUR LIFE, GENUINE OEM KNUCKLE PARTS WILL BE YOUR ONLY FOCUS AND THEN YOU WILL BE CURSED LIKE THE REST OF US KNUCK OWNERS!!!! You have been warned..