Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakin it in..

The weather here in FL has really sucked ass for the past few weeks so I really haven't had a chance to put many miles on her but this past Saturday it let up just enough so that I could break her in just right..there was a poker run in town that me,Big Larry and Jeremy went to and we had an absolute blast racing from bar to bar!! Who says I don't know how to break a motor in right LOL!!!!!


  1. You built it, you can REbuild it ;-) Enjoy the hell out of it, you earned it!

  2. Very nice purple pan, you nailed it! And thanks for the kudo's on the
    68 shovel that Biltwell put up on their site

  3. Roadside man, that thing is tits! When are we going to get her in the rag?