Monday, September 12, 2011

You never forget your first!!!

You never forget the one who broke your cherry, the one who introduced you to the life that would take you in and make you who you are today well your looking at the one that did it for me..this is my first Harley, a 72 XLCH that me and my Dad Shelton put together when I was 15 (I will be 42 in a few months, man am I gettin old) this bike has carried me and some women thru ALOT of great and not so great times thru the years and over time as I became more infatuated with my Panhead and then my Shovels and Evos and then Twin Cams she just sat patiently waiting for Daddy to come home and give her some attention..well I'm still not sure just yet what I'm gonna do to bring her back to life but I have a few ideas as well as a few parts that I have been stashing away over the years just for her..I guess you really never do forget your first love after all!!! Roadside


  1. I LOVE IT! I wish I still had my first one. Maybe I'll find it again one day.

  2. I just picked up my first Harley project and it's a 64' XLCH. Show me how it's done Marty!