Monday, September 19, 2011

Livin the dream!!!

I guess I'm a really lucky guy to live here in Florida where you can ride pretty much year round, now don't get me wrong I bitch about the heat and the bugs and the low paying jobs that are pretty standard around here but since I am a native I feel I can do that but for the most part you have days like Sunday when you just spend the whole day riding around on your bike enjoying the scenery and the brotherhood and friendship when you happen to,Big Josh,Killer(Becky) and Melissa did just that this past Sunday and I'm still smiling!! We had an awesome lunch at Paradise Bar and Inn on the beach and then a great ride along the coast down to a great biker bar called The Outpost..the only problem was it was Sunday and the day was over way too fast!!!! Thanks again guys..Roadside Marty


  1. had a great day too on sunday !!! many more to come my freind!!

  2. What low paying job are you talking about Mr. Gov't Employee?? Hahahahaha. Glad you had a good day riding brother! We're headed for the mountains this weekend, go scare the shit out of ourselves.