Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's go choppin now, everybody's learnin how!!!

For those of you who don't know, this tank was painted by my uncle in 1971 for a Knuckle chopper that him and my Dad built and has survived all these years, I'm really surprised that it wasn't repainted in a different style considering the numerous owners it went thru and the answer is no, I don't want to sell it and yes I'm keeping it exactly how it is and it's the tank I'm gonna run on this Knuckle..I can't thank a friend of ours "Easy" enough for giving me the tank because he's the guy who bought that Knuckle chop from my Dad in 71 and he managed to buy what was left of the original bike in 02 and this tank was with it, he felt that it was time to let it come home so he told me to just come get it!! This Knuckle means more to me than ANY bike I have ever built so far...
This picture speaks for itself..either you get "it" or you don't..

Your reporter was given the job of grinding off the excess and shaping it up for the tank, I'm glad my Dad let me do a little bit of work on my frame LOL!!

Now in this photo you are witnessing true Chopper history, my dad,Shelton Davis, doing exactly what I used to see him and my uncle Rabbitt do when I was growing up. He says that he doesn't care about choppers anymore but that's a lie because he because he took that saw right out of my hands and started shaking like a junkie tying up his first fix out of rehab LOL!!! He really seemed to be enjoying himself and afterwards he smiled and looked at me and said "Been a long time since I've done that!" Last night was one I will never forget..

Observe ladies and gentlemen, those unsightly fatbob tank mounts and the soapstone line marking their death...


  1. when ya talked about your pop picking up where he left off it nearly made me tear up and that ain't no bullshit man.... I FUCKIN LOVE THIS POST!

  2. Awesome. It was good to see ya at the show the other night. We need to get up more often!

  3. I knew you guys would get a kick out of this post, glad you dug it! I agree with you Mr. Alvarez it was damn good seeing you and the Mrs. at the show and we will definitely hang out a little more young man..your okay for a tattoo guy..Roadside