Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Devil is in the details!!!

Well it's about time Flat Broke's resident machinist, LiL Chopper, got off his ass and knocked out these bitchin pushrod cups for Purple Haze, I tell you if that little fucker wasn't such a damn good machinist and solid material for joke punchlines I would have run his sorry drunk ass off a long time ago but I digress...
Before, with the timeless skulls, I love skulls but they just weren't jivin with that groovy Purple Haze vibe man..can you dig it???

The finished I said the Devil is in the da man LiL Chopper, thanks again!!!


  1. Thanks guys..he can crank out some nice stuff when he sobers up!!

  2. Fucking Sweet as usual!!!!!! Yer a ruler!

  3. Hey Beers how the fuck are ya?? When do I get to hang wit you crazy ass again muthafucka???

  4. Doin well my friend. Busy as fuck!!! Tryin to hit the east coast April 30. And, as always, when you come to or pass thru Colorado, my door is ALWAYS open for ya!!!