Friday, January 13, 2012

Papa got a brand new bag...

I found this sweet points cover in some of my Dad's private stash of parts when he wasn't around..sure hope he doesn't notice it's gone because I really dig it...
I get a fuckin laugh everytime I see this sticker so I had to put it on something and plus it's a personal FUCK YOU to a real Grade A fuckin cunt..sorry if I've offended any of my loyal readers LOL!!!
Well after Biketoberfest I decided that since I was gonna keep this bike I might as well show her a lil TLC so Papa got a brand new bag..of parts that is..complete new charging system,rubber mount front kit complete, new top link,new front and rear sprockets and rear chain,new stainless steel rocker box oil lines,new rocker shaft end plugs,new coil and plug wires,new grips,new battery and battery cables,new sphereical swingarm bearings,new rear wheel bearings,rebuilt front end,new rear ss brake line and a new derby cover..fuck I think that's all..but I think it's time for at least a fresh top end (rings,pistons and a valve job) because she sure does suck down some black gold but I'm totally happy with her for now believe it or not!! Sorry for being so lazy about posting..Roadside Marty

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