Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faith Forgotten Choppers!!

While I was on my way to Detroit Rock City over the holiday weekend I was lucky enough to be able to swing by and see a great brother of mine in Louisville KY Big Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers who was gracious enough along with Miss Cajun (his Pit) to give this southern boy some Thanksgiving cheer while I was so far from home along with some mighty fine pecan pie!! I first met Will thru Bare Knuckle Paul a few years ago and we have always got on great with each other and I was really looking forward to just relaxing for a bit because we usually see each other at events and don't get to hang out much..Will showed me some of the builds that he has going at the moment which blew me away, he is an excellent fabricator that has an eye for what "looks" right as well a true talent for sheet metal work that just has to be seen so if you want a totally one off bitchin gas or oil tank or even a frame be sure to check out his site at and get ready to see some cool shit..THANKS again for everything brother, catch you on the rebound!! Roadside

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