Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back from Daytona!!

Cracked inner primary due to operator ignorance, rewelded by Louie in Daytona Beach who did an incredible job!!

I got back late Sunday night and I still don't feel like typing alot of shit but after getting the "Cracked Whore" back together correctly (THANK YOU Steve Broyles,Marcus,Louie,Shawn,Jeremy,LiL Chopper,Shadetree Kyle and the TX crew and of course Willie for all of your unselfish help getting me back on the road) I put 883 total miles on her in 5 days and for only putting about 250 shakedown miles on her before I left, I couldn't be happier with her performance..I'm gonna give her a lil bit of TLC in the next week or so and then just ride the hell out of her!! I can't thank Big Josh enough for shooting a coat of black over those FXRT bags the night before I left out because the red paint on them was absolutely hideous..THANK YOU BROTHER..enjoy these for now..Roadside

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  1. Now I need to get working on my 82 FXR. Daytona 2013 it will be ready. Why rush it.