Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dick Allen springer!!!

Absolute perfection and beauty!!!

Whenever I'm in Sturgis I always seem to have a full schedule of things,people or places that I either need to be at or should be at but I have to say one of the highlights of any of my Sturgis trips is on Thursday when the Sons of Silence MC have their annual bike games at their campground, Sons of Silence Boar has been a good friend for a few years and has invited me to come out everytime that I'm in Sturgis and this year I brought Milwaukee Mike with me and he enjoyed himself almost as much as I did! It's kind of a running joke between Boar and myself that everytime we talk I always hit him up to help me find rare chopper parts from back when that stuff was new, well this year he told that he wanted to introduce me to Sons of Silence Evan who had a Dick Allen springer that I might like to take a look at..well that was an understatement because after our introductions Evan was gracious enough to show me and Mike the frame that Oil in LA. made for this unbelievable springer as well as telling us what he had in mind for the whole build..Boar,who happened to know Dick Allen personally by the way, verified that this was a real Dick Allen built springer from when he used stock H-D springers before he started to use Chrom moly tubing for his later creations which only made me want the damn thing even more!! I just had to share these pics with everyone because I have never seen anything like that in the way Evan has said as soon as he starts mocking things up he may give us a few sneak peeks at it or he may torture us and wait till the whole thing is finished before he shares it with us..either way I can't wait to see it done!!!! I would like to personally thank Boar and the entire Sons of Silence MC Nation for having us as guest's that was an absolute blast!!!! Roadside Marty


  1. Nice Marty! Guinn's Engineering in NJ had a Dick Allen-built springer just about the same as this one on Ebay about 6 months ago, but about 6" shorter. Wish I'd have had the money for it. Wait, what am I talking about....I don't have money for anything!

    Sorry I missed you in Sturgis, trip wasn't in the cards this year. I really wanted to pour cold water on some girls with you.....

  2. I shoulda known you of all people would recognize this front end immediately Rich!!! There's always next year for the help onstage brother!!