Friday, August 19, 2011

Colorado Mick and Asian Dan

Remember when I said you meet some of the coolest people out on the road? Let me introduce you to Asian Dan and Colorado Mick who both happen to be out of you guessed it..Colorado!! I saw these two cats livin the dream and takin in the scene more than once around Sturgis and the outlying areas while I was there and I was fortunate to be able to chew the fat with them for a bit and they were about as real as it gets, these guy's reassured me that there are still young guy's out there that dig motorcycles and the people that ride them!! Instead of trying to impress people with other things these guy's just set an example by being themselves and I'm damn glad I got to meet them both!!!

They even had a great sense of humor when I told that if they wanted to really know what it was like at one time in the world of motorcycling they had to get against the wall and act like they were getting hassled by the Man, for some reason I got the feeling that maybe they had done that before LOL!!!

Check out their fuckin bikes!!!! Mick's beautiful full dresser and Dan's wicked Sporty chop..two cool muthafuckas on two cool bikes..note that Mick has an official "Who the fuck is Roadside Marty" sticker proudly displayed on his tour pack (hope he didn't peel it off when he got out of sight LOL) and Dan doing his best Capt. America impression..great meeting you two brothers and I will see ya out on the road again..Roadside Marty


  1. "Assuming you fellas don't have anything to hide, then this here Roadside search shouldn't bother you." Haha, pleased to meet you Marty!

  2. It was good meeting you again, Roadside!

    Asian Dan

  3. Thanks again for talking with me guy's!! I hope you a great time this year..see you both sooner than later I hope!! Roadside Marty