Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mockin it up!!!

That's an original H-D Sprint rear fender and an original Sparto tailight on there..
Side profile, you can see the 04 Road King tubes and lowers turned out lookin ok so far..

Tommy doin his best to start a second career as a male model..PLEASE don't quit your day gig brother!!!
This is all you get of the narrowed triple trees for now muthafuckas..Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Drilled out front brake drum..let the hate mail and comments begin from the purists!!!!

Backing plate courtesy from up and coming bike building extraordinaire..Mr. Dan Carr aka BACON!!! Thanks alot buddy, we're really doin it!!!! Sorry for the short details, I gotta a ton of shit to finish for Daytona and besides I fuckin HATE check it out..Roadside Marty


  1. As usual Roadside your eye for building a bike is Right ON!

  2. Nice looking! How many cool parts can you fit on a bike?

  3. I can always put one of yours on every one Jr. that's the sissy bar you gave me LOL!!! And Ed your too kind to this dirtbag but thank you for the praise brother..Roadside

  4. looks good can't wait to ride next to it oh I mean pass it hahaha