Monday, February 7, 2011

VTwin Expo 2011

Well I made it back to Cincinatti again this year and am I glad I did..I did and saw so much shit in a two day period that it's just a blur! In the freeze frame of my mind I remember faces,parties, laughter, stupid people stepping on my fuckin foot,multiple Irish car bomb shots, the Brodown Bash with Biltwell and Lowbrow, Nick from the Haints telling me I've got alot of cool chopper shit in FL,Shadetree Amanda shaking her ass, Kathy from N.C. telling me how much she LOVED my cologne,doing an interview for a Led Sled documentary, Sara Liberte and me asking random people silly questions on camera, multiple sightings of Paul Jr.,Nicky Bootz,Dandelion Death repeatedly singing or talking about ass fucking,killer parts for my Knucklehead from Warren Jr. delivered by Milwaukee Mike,Fab Kevin and Ms. Carla making me laugh and smile,more dresser parts than the law should allow, a trike version of Captain America, the Limpnickie booth being jam packed, Athena being beautiful as always, Rich Fulk keeping it real..CCI has no idea how lucky they are to have that brother working for them,Kari and Wendy for Detroit Rock City almost giving me pneumonia form standing outside with them during their smoke breaks, Chris Callen for just being himself, Brew Dude for trying to start a bar brawl, Guzzi Doug Wothke and Polly for just being good people in general,Maddog,Kelly, Dozer, Brandy,Pete, Flynch and the rest of the Shadetree crew for busting my balls about my attire in the new issue of CS and if I left anybody else out it's because I'm tired of fucking typing so just enjoy these pictures and cut me some fucking slack..see ya next year muthafuckas!!!!! The only pic worth taking in the whole damn Expo was this beautiful 39 Knuckle..words can't describe it's magic so just try to take it in from this photo..
Jeff's new "Shop Truck" be sure to check it out in Daytona before he sells this one too..never fall in love with them..right brother?? It's just business!!!

A nice clean Shovel that Jeff's finishing up for a customer..

Can you say 180 for a stock Shovel frame????

Jeff's new paint usual my shitty photos do it no justice!!!

A true visionary,artist,photographer,family man,biker and fabricator!! A modern day Renaissance Man...Mr. Jeff Cochran!!!!

Hey Don Wood..where's the fuckin Sailor Jerry at damnit?????

Tommy, Papa Tim, yours truly,Mr. Cochran and the Legendary Don Wood at Jeff's shop..great times with great brothers!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm one of the wealthiest guys I know because of the friends and family that I'm fortunate enough to have in my life!!!!


  1. I can say 180 in a swing arm Shovel, but I'd rather not.

    Good pics though.

  2. WOW! You got Don out of bed AND away from the bar??? From his FB posts I thought he was drunk or sleeping the whole time ;-)

  3. Not my cup of tea either J-Rod..I've never had a 130 not do whatever I needed it to but I always dig it when someone shows up the people who say it can't be done..Jeff that fucker was moving around those crowds like he was running for office, don't let his posts fool ya man!!!