Thursday, February 10, 2011

Purple Haze upgrade..

Details are what really catch my eye when I look at bikes so when I see something that makes sense or just plain kicks ass I try to remember it, well in this case I was really scopin out the Deadliner Pan from my brothers at Papa Clutch when I noticed that on the rear Wagner master cylinder they were using they had used a banjo bolt and fitting for a really clean look so I called up Papa Tim himself and got the lowdown, any 10 mm banjo bolt and fitting will work BUT the bolt must be shortened a small amount because the threads don't go very far in the Wagner unit so with my trusty hacksaw in hand I "whacked" off a few threads and filed down the burrs and PRESTO it worked!!! Thank God because that's the only brake I have..any questions,comments or insults can always be directed at me at anytime regarding any modifications that I attempt to perform..Roadside
Please excuse my shitty photography..this shot shows you how the line was routed closer to the frame rails and the brake pedal plate, the washers look a little big but I had to use the ones with the rubber inside of them because the regular metal ones just would not seal but the difference is not very noticeable..

The end result..a nice clean tucked away look that performs just as good as it looks, now make it happen on your shit!!!


  1. It's strange to see you do something constructive that doesn't involve trying to get your face in a magazine or whoring yourself for free parts, but I've got to give you credit for a nice upgrade to your bike. There is hope for you yet, Marty.

  2. Marty, thank for tip been needing to do that for awhile. Ever since you point out the visual distraction of the brake line on my bike several years ago. Haven't done shit about but now I'm motivated to complete the task. Thanks, Bro! see you real soon.

  3. As long as it works man, brakes are kinda important! In your earlier post Don Wood must be a cousin, I'm Andrew Wood! Way cool.

  4. Looks good,lot's better than that steel line all out there in the breeze.
    Is this winter ever gonna end?