Friday, December 31, 2010

Darren's Pan!

The original bike came from New Orleans and was a Katrina survivor, a real swap meet special, nothing wrong with that at all but all we are using is the motor and tranny!
Darren liked the way the neck was windowed on my frame so it's bye bye to that plate!!

Paughco rigid frame, no rake no stretch no fatbob mounts..a perfect platform, I've used Paughco's stuff for years and I think they make damn good send me some free shit!! Darren's a good guy and a great brother, I've known him for almost ten years now and I'm humbled that he wants me to help him build his dream..stay tuned as we will show more updates as we do a full mockup. A narrow Paughco springer and Paughco Mustang tank, spool 21" front wheel with upsweeps with cocktail shaker mufflers, this bike is gonna be sweet!


  1. Just saw the Purple Pan in Cycle Source today. It is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Nice take a look at the Drag Spec old book cover bike we built that with those same parts..makes for a sweet looking scoot

  3. Thanks for the props Jeff, Weed I'm sure you will like what we got planned for this baby and Teach where do you think I get most of my delusions from?? Why you of course young man!!!