Thursday, August 12, 2010

They're coming to get you!

 Oh shit! I just found this picture in my filing cabinet. This is an outtake from a cover shoot for the never to materialize "Jeff Clayton and the Braineaters" E.P.   Way back in the early nineties  I was living in Charlotte, NC and playing drums for a band called the Furys.(that's me on the right) That's Furys guitarist Suave Robbie(pronounced swahvay rahbay) on the left. Anyway , we came up with the idea to do a project with Jeff from Antiseen(pictured center) that was gonna be a halloween release 7" feauring a song Robbie wrote based on the Nazi submariner zombie classic film "Shockwaves"(hence the outfits) and a cover of Skulls by the Misfits on the B side. It was gonna be all limited edish colored vinyl collector like with a Lindsay Kuhn silk screened cover. Jeff's wife at the time,Dee, took the photos. I remember standing in their front yard that evening on Central ave(a rather busy four lane street) dressed like Nazis, soaking ourselves with the garden hose(for that underwater zombie effect)with people driving by with a definite "What the fuck?" look on their faces. Priceless!  I guess it was a couple days after the photo shoot and  Jeff and Robbie got into an argument at the record store they worked at or something like that and the whole project got scrapped. Youth wasted on the young!......Alvarez

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