Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Josh...

Big Josh and Matt FINALLY made it to th
e Smokeout and I can firmly say I don't think it will be their last!!! Josh has been around the scene ever since his early teens and it shows because some of his builds are enough to make me jealous!!! He keeps threatening to come down to Daytona for Willie's show but who knows...maybe this post will piss him off enough to prove me wrong LOL!!!! As for Matt I guess we will still keep him around too...Roadside

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  1. my rigs are nuttin to envy,just some riders build in the back yard shop,with the help of a few freinds here and there . now that chick magnet theres a scoot to drool over!! and to the rest of the scooter trash wait till yall see the almighty pan , i got a glimpse its gunna shock ya!!!!!!! keep it up roadside we got a long way to go be carefull in sturgis!!! cant wait to twist a grip when u get home!!! daytonas on the agenda for oct. if the moneys right! remember were FLAT BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11