Thursday, August 23, 2012

A jelly doughnut?????????

One of the highlights of Sturgis this year was getting to meet the "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey at Michael Lichter's Born Free exhibit, he was just walking around talking with whoever wanted to talk with him when me and Darren freaked out and told him we were big fans and would he mind taking a pic with two ex Army guys to which he replied.."Sure, everybody makes mistakes!"..fuckin classic!!!! Stay tuned for more Sturgis pics and hopefully I can figure out how to rotate them so they are straight next time!!! RM 


  1. Awesome, funnier than a jelly doughnut in your locker . . . one of an endless list of ex marines turned something else . . . oorah, or whatever you unlucky Army types say. Cheers.

  2. Is a jelly donut anything like a leather one? Aahhaha!

  3. A leather donut is ALWAYS better than a jelly donut brother!!!!!!