Saturday, February 4, 2012

Powdercoating with Daniel and Otis!!

My buddy Otis, this little guy will just steal your heart...wish I could take him home with me!!!

Daniel prepping the fork legs,this guy knows his shit!
I'm amazed at how quick this happens!
Prep work,as with most things, is key to a quality finish!
Daniel is a one man operation but his dad helps him out quite a bit (who by the way is one helluva cool guy) he used to work for one of the big coating companies in town but struck out on his own and with every business there have been ups and downs but the quality of his work as well as his excellent customer service skills have pulled him thru..he's a dedicated husband and father who works hard to provide for his family and I'm proud to know and do business with him!!!! If you need QUALITY work done I highly suggest giving him a call at (850) 501-1535 or an email at him I sent you might make the price go higher though LOL!!! I can't forget his newest helper,Otis, man I love that little guy..I have a special place in my heart for Daschunds and just as soon as I saw that little guy I knew he was special..THANKS AGAIN for everything Daniel..Roadside Marty

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  1. Cool! Now I’m curious about the result of Daniel and Otis’ powder coating project. Powder coating is perhaps the best way to protect the metal and other equipment from rust.

    Lonnie Summerall