Thursday, January 26, 2012

Angel of Death..

This pic should be the second one but you get the idea..Scott outlined the wings last night and did a helluva job!!!!
It took twenty minutes to shave off my back hair so he could put this stencil on and yes I know how sexy my bald spot is ladies..we still have to shade in the wings and put the Forever Two Wheels banner underneath but we are getting there, I'm totally stoked with how it's coming comes my sweet Angel of Death!!! RM


  1. You didn't wanna cover up the trucker mud flaps while you were there?

  2. I think you should have put rotor blades over his head instead ;-P Looking pretty bad ass though!

  3. the angel of death... how fitting! BAD ASS man! I can't wait to see this shit finished! See ya at the Spoke in a few weeks Brother Roadside!