Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally got another FXRP!!!!!!

I have always regretted selling my 94 FXRP and I knew I would eventually get another but I was really hoping to score an all original FXRT but I guess people are realizing how rare they really are and just don't want to cut loose of them, so I got the next best RP, these before pics will show how much of a difference a few changes will make so stay tuned..a big THANK YOU goes out to Pockets and Andy who not only brought me the bike in Santa Rosa but who also crashed on my hotel room floor like always!!! I really cant thank them enough and also to Hammer,Englishman and Steve Broyles who put it in the Horse trailer to N.C. for me..these guys really know the meaning of Brotherhood!!! Roadside Marty

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