Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bob Montagna

I miss this guy more every day. I had the pleasure of tattooing several Sturgis rallies with him and he always made things brighter.In case you don't know, Bob was one of the first National Tattoo members,was a key figure in the original Tattoo magazine(when it was the only one),was a founder of the A.P.T. who helped legalize tattooing in NYC and Massachussets.(that's right kiddies tattooing used to be a crime in some places!) That's Bob and Sonny at the Knuckle, Bob with his freak out,fork glasses and Bob and myself.I think these were all from 2003. Hard to be sure , Sturgis always got a little fuzzy after day 9 or so!


  1. Holy shit brother..that can't be YOU in that last pic!!! I love the hairstyle..think it will ever get revisited LOL!!!

  2. Bob was a great guy for sure and is greatly missed in the community. I had the pleasure of knowing him and was a member of New Jerseys Health steering commitee with him. Hes was a great artist and was always willing to help other artist. Also he was a big fan of the grateful dead. thanks for sharing those pics of Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!