Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Badass Shovelhead!!

Dug this gem out of the Feb 93 issue of of the coolest Shovels I have ever seen..lots of handmade parts tastefully done in aluminum and black, built with a purpose in just have to dig it and if you don't fuck it..I DO!!! Roadside


  1. I have the issue this bike is in. This was the first satin black bike (that was done that way on purpose) I think I'd ever seen. I thought at that time that I'd love to have a custom bike along the lines of this one. Hard to believe it was in an issue from way back in '93. There are sure lots of people that finally caught on. But I'm still not tired of the look.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more dude!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this, been searching for those pics for years!
    My copy got lost moving one day, but I still remember the couldn't-care-less about-being-in-a-mag-greybeard it belonged to.
    Got any higher res pics of it?