Sunday, March 7, 2010


Attendance was down again but I still managed to meet new and old friends and have a blast. The chopper show at Willie's was the second biggest bike wise in history but probably the busiest while the Limpnickie one was about half the size as last year. The Cycle Source party was a hit with an open bar tab and free eats that weren't too bad. I don't know what the future holds for bike week. Many have dim predictions but as long as events like Willie's and the Limpnickie keep on, I'll be there!.....Alvarez


  1. Damn, I missed Marty in his wig at Limpnickie! He had it in his pocket right before I left and he assured me it would make an appearance. How many guys did it take to lift him on top of that skate ramp?

  2. Holy shit Ian! I'm laughing so hard I think I just peed myself!

  3. I'm speaking on behalf of Roadside's alter ego "Road Dirt" advice to both of you is don't quit your day jobs because your careers as comedians ain't lookin so bright..dickheads!!!